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Getting ready for France & Ireland!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Hi to all you Sásta fans! Sástafarians..... sounds better.

All well at Sásta HQ, we had a great time at QPAC a couple of weeks ago with Mahaia Barnes (what a voice?!) and many other 'world music' acts too. Great fun. We played 'Ron's Time', one of our faves off the new album, and a song we've never done before that I wrote for my Aunt when she sadly passed away in Ireland a few years ago. T'was very emotional, and both pieces were received very well thankfully! (We've been invited back to QPAC too! Watch this space!)

We have 4 big massive scary gigs to do in Lorient, France in August (the last time we played to 5000 + people there!) So we are getting stuck into rehearsals now, I may even chance my arm at a song in French...gotta try to win 'em over somehow! I taught meself the auld didgeridoo there a while ago too, we'll be intergrating that in also.

We've a wee festival set in Ipswich that we're looking forward to & also an Irish wedding before we go, that's always great craic.

After our gigs at Lorient Festival Interceltique, we're making our debut in Ireland!! We're playing 'hometown' shows, so our audience will likely be heavily made up with cousins, brothers, sisters friends, friends of friends! We'll put on great shows I'm sure, a busy turn around though! We're over in the west in Ballaghadeereen Fri 19th Aug (Rocky's crew), Then Portlaoise on Sat 20 Aug (Mick's crew), then up to Downpatrick, Co.Down for a Sunday sesh in Kevin's hometown.

Fred will have to wait until October until we play Tablelands Festival in Cairns for his hometown gig!


be well! Pop up & say hi if you see us out & about! HUP!

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